About us

Claudio Gaiaschi, Podere Santa Bianca
Podere Santa Bianca essential oils

More than just a brand name, Santa Bianca is the name of our farmhouse which dates back to the first half of the 19th century. 15 years ago, the building underwent a complete restoration, allowing us to both live in, and run our business from the house.

There is an extraordinary calmness to the area.
We are surrounded by hills in an open, inviting landscape.
We are situated halfway up a hill which overlooks the valley of the river Cecina to the east. From our vantage point, we can see many wooded areas, which are home to a plethora of birds and woodland animals.

Everything is natural in the valley, even most of the farms in the area maintain organic practices. Just beyond the river Cecina is the beautiful Regional Park of Mount Berignone.
The weather is dry, and the west wind that blows almost every day brings with it the aroma of the Tyhrrenian Sea

Our fields were cultivated biodynamically, a process which ended in 2015. Now, we are certified organic, though we take it one step further by embracing and practicing wholly natural agriculture. We do not use any medication for our plants, not even the ones allowed by the organic standards.

We grow aromatic plants and olive trees, and we go wild-harvesting in the surrounding valley and woods. We produce excellent olive oil and, here at the Podere, we distill around 20 types of essential oils from our crops (all of which are various kinds of Mediterranean flora).
Through time and practice, we have perfected the methods of distillation, and are entirely confident and proud of the quality of our products.

Our key word is “quality”, and the blends we make are 100% natural—nothing else is added, and everything is the product of our passion, curiosity, and a pioneering spirit.

Santa Bianca biologic natural essential oils