Santa Bianca

Doa Aromatherapy Diffuser


Dimensions: d127 x h 170mm
Weight: 621 gr
Method: Ultrasound
Timer: 15 sec alternating / ON
Capacity: 100ml
Duration: 3h
Power supply: 24V 0.5A power supply
Electric consumption: 8.16W
Nr. Led: 3
Material: iron, glass, ABS, PP
Ultrasound frequency: 2.4MH


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Doa Aromatherapy Diffuser

To diffuse Essential Oils, we always recommend an ultrasonic diffuser only.

Because ultrasound creates a column of cold vapor that does not alter the aromatherapy properties or the scent of your favorite Essential Oils.

We have selected 3 speakers from a company we trust that we appreciate the work, they are the same speakers that we use in our home.

The delicacy of the glass and the strength of the steel give the Doa diffuser a touch of unique elegance. Perfect in any room of the house, the warm LED light, with two intensity settings, will give light and warmth to your moments of relaxation.

Doa has an elegant and refined design, one of a kind. The frosted glass and steel cover give a unique atmosphere to every room in the house. Thanks to the practical remote control, it is possible to set the diffusion timers, change the modes and the intensity of the light, to have a personalized effect whenever you want.

Try it with our Synergistic Blends or with our pure Essential Oils.

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