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Essentia | Lime

Quantity: 50 ml: each bottle guarantees more than 400 sprays
Origin: Brazil
Type of cultivation: organic
Pressing: Brazil


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Essentia | Lime

Essentia is a line of totally natural Essential Oils sprays, designed to aromatize your creations with a simple gesture.
The ingredients are: organic food alcohol, distilled water produced by the company previously improved by exploiting the terrestrial magnetism, pure essential food oils of the highest quality.

The essential oil of Lime or Limetta (Citrus aurantiifolia) is an extremely versatile oil and excellent for those who are just starting out. Lime is a small, dark green tropical tree. It is probably a hybrid between lemon and cedar native to southern Asia.
The essential oil is extracted from the peel by cold pressing. Its scent is fresh, citrusy, full-bodied.