Santa Bianca

Essentia | Wild Fennel


Quantity: 50 ml: each bottle guarantees more than 400 sprays
Provenance: Santa Bianca
Type of cultivation: organic
Distilled: Santa Bianca


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Essentia | Wild Fennel

Essentia is a line of totally natural Essential Oils sprays, designed to aromatize your creations with a simple gesture.
The ingredients are: organic food alcohol, distilled water produced by the company previously improved by exploiting the terrestrial magnetism, pure essential food oils of the highest quality.

Wild fennel, whose Greek name “Marathon” is the same as in the plain of Marathon, the place where the Greeks defeated the Persians.
It prefers stony soils, river banks, old walls or cliffs.
According to Pliny, snakes, after moulting, rub against it to regain sight.
It is collected near our headquarters, in the Cecina river valley.
The essential oil is steam distilled using the whole plant when flowering is not too advanced.
Fresh and spicy scent.