Essentia | Nutmeg

Essentia | Nutmeg

Quantity: 50 ml: each bottle guarantees more than 400 sprays
Origin: Sri Lanka
Type of cultivation: organic
Distilled: Sri Lanka

Natural aroma for food


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Essentia | Nutmeg

Essentia is a line of totally natural Essential Oils sprays, designed to aromatize your creations with a simple gesture.
The ingredients are: organic food alcohol, distilled water produced by the company previously improved by exploiting the terrestrial magnetism, pure essential food oils of the highest quality.

Nutmeg essential oil (Myristica Fragrans) simbolyses for Irarnian Sufis the man in search of God wrapped in his pilgrim’s cloak, that has always had a place of honor in the kitchen. It was once prescribed as an aphrodisiac.

It’s an evergreen tree that can reach 10 meters in height. It belongs to the Myristicaceae family.
The area of ​​origin is Sri Lanka.
The essential oil is distilled from the seeds in a stream of steam.
The scent is sweet, warm and spicy.