Essentia | Damask Rose

Quantity: 50 ml: each bottle guarantees more than 400 sprays
Origin: Persia
Type of cultivation: organic
Distilled: Persia

Natural aroma for food


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The healing virtues of Rosa Damascena (Rosa Damascena) have been known since ancient times.
It is one of the oldest plants on earth. Fossil forms dating back 40 million years have been found. There are also clay tablets from Pylos, in the Peloponnese, dated around 1500 BC, which report data on the purchase of rose oil.
It takes about 7 tons of rose petals collected before dawn and distilled in a few hours to obtain 1 liter of Essential Oil.
For a matter of extension of the territory, our Essential Oil is extracted in Iran, we distill Rose Water in Santa Bianca.

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