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4 Essential Oils diluted in Jojoba Oil

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The Essential Oils, due to their intensity, must be applied to the skin through a Carrier Oil, we have decided to dilute our four most precious Oils in Jojoba and thus create a line of luxurious Health and Beauty.

Jojoba oil is a wax that is extracted from the seeds of the Simmondsia Chinensis plant. This oil, very similar to human sebum, is perfect for massages and cosmetics. We use organic jojoba and we are perhaps the only ones to declare the percentage of essential oil used on the label.

The Essential Oils that we have diluted in Jojoba are four:

RosaOlio-di-jojoba-rosa: Excellent on dry, mature or sensitive skin, the scent is sensual, comforting and antidepressant



Neroli (fiori di Arancio)Olio-di-jojoba-neroli : Virtually a natural, wonderful scent, Orange Blossoms are a good anti-wrinkle and anti-stretch mark



Olio-di-jojoba-geranioGeranio: Geranium Essential Oil has many properties, tonic, microcirculation activator, antibacterial, anti-insect … a truly versatile product with a very good scent. 


Olio-di-jojoba-elicriso Elicriso: One of our favorite plants, the herbaceous scent with a licorice finish is delicious, Helichrysum is a fantastic healing and decongestant for the skin:


The beautiful box in which they are contained is made of wood by a local craftsman and branded.

box jojoba oli essenziali