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Cosmo | Sole (energizing)

Cosmo | Sole (energizing)

Composed of 100% essential oils of:

Quantity: 8ml


Cosmo | Sole (energizing)

SOLE Energizing

It relieves depression, giving you more energy and serenity. Sole (Italian for ‘Sun’) purifies where we are, helps us concentrate, and it’s an anti-stress. Sole ingredients are blended to bring light into the darkest darkness—both on the inside and the outside. The long winter months or the dark moments of the soul will go by faster and the first rays of light will pierce the clouds…

Diffusione nell'ariaIdeal to be diffused in the air with your ultrasonic diffuser.
It purifies the air, and makes it pleasantly fresh and fragrant


adatto per massaggiDilute the ‘Sole’ essential oil blend with a carrier oil and use it for an energizing massage.


Effetti psicologiciSun purifies where we are, helps us concentrate, is an anti-stress. It removes depression by restoring energy and serenity.
The analyzes carried out in the laboratory confirm its properties.