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Norway Spruce


Norway Spruce
Picea Abies

It’s our Christmas tree, very common on our mountains. Hippocrates and Arabic medicine used its resin to treat lung diseases.
This essential oil helps us keep in touch with reality, inspiring a calm and reflexive attitude.
This essential oil is produced with young branches harvested in Alto Adige, by steam distillation.

It has a sweet, intense and resinous scent.

Quantity: 8 ml
Origin: Alto Adige
Cultivation: organic


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Norway Spruce

It soothes congested lungs and enhances breathing because it opens up the lower lungs. Suitable for smokers. It is used against arthritis, muscle aches, rheumatisms and chronic fatigue syndrome.
The Norway spruce promotes courage and confidence.

Suggested uses:

Home diffuser: add between 3 and 6 drops to 100 ml of water
Steam inhalation: emulsify 3-4 drops of essential oil with coarse salt in 1 l of hot water. Inhale for 20 minutes, keeping your eyes and mouth closed
Bathtub: emulsify 8-10 drops of essential oil with coarse salt — or alternatively milk, cream, or honey — to add to the hot water (so that the oil doesn’t evaporate due to the heat)
Massages: we recommend to dilute 2-3 drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of carrier oil
Cocktail: this essential oil is perfect for the preparation of some cocktails

Caution: do not use in case of chronic diseases, pregnancy, or when breastfeeding.
If in doubt, please consult your doctor/naturopath.