Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree
Melaleuca Alternifolia

Tree also known as the tea tree native to the southern hemisphere, plant of the Myrtaceae family
The area of origin is New South Wales in Australia. Both the leaves and the twigs are distilled in a current of steam.
The scent is fresh, balsamic, with a hint of camphor.

Quantity: 8 ml
Origin: Australia
Cultivation: spontaneous harvest
Distilled: Australia
Internal use: Yes



The essential oil of Tea Tree (Malaleuca Alternifoglia), is a symbol of strength and determination, belongs to the magical-cultural world of the Aborigines and was discovered by Captain Cook during his travels in the southern hemisphere.

Disclosure information:

cosa dice la scienzaIl Ministero della Salute ne riconosce le proprietà benefiche sulla funzionalità delle prime vie respiratorie.


Salute e BenessereIn aromatherapy it is considered a powerful antibacterial, it is used to treat a variety of infections such as acne, boils, warts; fights skin parasites, cold sores, stomatitis, abscesses, intestinal and genital infections.

Adatto per saponiUsed as an ingredient in skin and hair care remedies.


Anti-insettiIt has been observed that, when applied to insect bites, it relieves their discomfort and fights any infections.


Effetti psicologiciThe Tea Tree synonymous with protection and purification, exerts its best action in people who rely too much on the support of others or who are in a situation of subjection. The clarifying energy it infuses allows you to break the status quo, reacting and imagining new possibilities. It is a real intellectual invigorator.

Suggested uses and dosage:

  • Home diffuser: add 2-3 drops to 100 ml of water
  • Bathtub: emulsify 8-10 drops of essential oil with coarse salt — or alternatively milk, cream, or honey — to add to the hot water (so that the oil doesn’t evaporate due to the heat) Massages: dilute 3-5 drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of carrier oil
  • Foot bath: we recommend to emulsify 2-3 drops with coarse salt in a basin full of water (or in a shallow tub of water), where you will immerse your feet.

Warnings: Essential oil generally non-toxic, cases of sensitization have been recorded, use with common sense.
If in doubt, consult a doctor / pharmacist.


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