Santa Bianca

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Wild carrot


Wild carrot
Daucus Carota

Symbol of goodness in the Arabic world, this plant loves a sunny and dry climate. Harvested around Podere Santa Bianca, the whole plant is steam-distilled.
It has a herbal, unusual, good, balsam scent with a sweet base note.

Quantity: 4 ml
Origin: Santa Bianca
Cultivation: organic


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Wild carrot

For its balancing and purifying qualities, it helps solve complicated and confusing situations as it brings back clarity and emotional balance.
If ingested, it fights anemia, liver and gallbladder congestion, kidney inflammations, and diarrhea. It helps keep the skin young.

Suggested uses:

Home diffuser: add between 3 and 6 drops to 100 ml of water
Massages: we recommend to dilute 2-3 drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of carrier oil
Cosmetic use: add 2-3 drops of essential oil to one tablespoon of natural moisturizer
Food: we recommend 1-2 drops per 100 gr of food (to add after cooking)

Caution: do not use in case of chronic diseases, pregnancy, or when breastfeeding.
If in doubt, please consult your doctor/naturopath