Santa Bianca

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Citrus Aurantium Bigaradia

Virginal symbol of purity and of a happy marriage at the same time, its name reminds us of the Princess of Nerola (in Lazio, Italy) who rediscovered the so-called “acqua nanfa” (orange-blossom water) and spread its use at the court of Louis XIV.
It comes from Sicily.
The essential oil is steam-distilled from the bitter orange flowers.
It has an intense, sweet, and flowery aroma.

Quantity: 4 ml or 2 ml
Origin: Sicily


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Thanks to its relaxing and toning properties, it is used to ease PMS symptoms and the effects of postpartum depression. Its sensual and seductive action should not be underestimated.
When diffused in the air, it helps us recover from colds and bronchitis.
If massaged into the affected area, it considerably improves digestion.

Suggested uses:

  • Home diffuser: add between 3 and 6 drops to 100 ml of water
  • Bathtub: emulsify 8-10 drops of essential oil with coarse salt — or alternatively milk, cream, or honey — to add to the hot water (so that the oil doesn’t evaporate due to the heat)
  • Massages: we recommend to dilute 3-5 drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of carrier oil.
    This essential oil can give sensitive reactions with sunlight. Be careful.
  • Cosmetics: add 3-5 drops of essential oil to one tablespoon of natural moisturizer.

Caution: do not use in case of chronic diseases, pregnancy, or when breastfeeding.
If in doubt, please consult your doctor/naturopath.