Petit Grain Citronnier

Petitgrain Citronnier Citrus Limon 

Fruit tree of the Citrus family.
The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves and small fruits of the lemon.
The area of origin is Sicily.
The fragrance is fresh and herbaceous.

Quantity: 8 ml
Provenance: Sicily
Cultivation: Organic
Distilled: Sicily
Internal use: Yes

Natural flavouring for food



The essential oil of Lemon Leaves or Petit Grain Citronnier (Citrus Limon), a symbol of authenticity and straightforwardness, has a warm yet refreshing nature.

Disclosure information:

cosa dice la scienzaThe Ministry of Health recognises Citrus x limon’s beneficial effects on digestive function and gastrointestinal motility. Carminative.


Salute e BenessereIn aromatherapy it is used as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, for example against arthritis, rheumatism, and muscle inflammation.


Adatto per saponi

Lemon leaf essential oil is used as an ingredient in face masks (e.g. mixed with clay) and is known to have an astringent and toning effect on acne.


Uso in cucina

Very good in cooking, the distillation of the twigs and unripe fruits gives this particular oil all the green notes of the citrus fruit, it is used extensively in liqueur and confectionery, but is also excellent on other dishes such as fish, try it in its Essentia Spray version.


Effetti psicologici

In subtle aromatherapy it is used to restore vital energy, to combat anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Diffusione nell'aria

When diffused into the air it refreshes and cleanses it of pollution.


Suggested uses:

  • Room diffuser: a few drops in 100 ml of water. We suggest combining it with other essential oils.
  • Bath: A few drops of essential oil emulsified in coarse salt, milk, cream, or honey in hot water (prevents the oil from evaporating due to the heat).

Warnings: Do not use in case of chronic diseases, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If in doubt, consult a doctor/pharmacist/herbalist.


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