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Myristica Fragrans

For the Indian Sufis, it is the symbol of the man looking for God, wrapped in his pilgrim’s cloak. It has always held a special place in cooking. In the past, it was prescribed as aphrodisiac.
Due to the presence of some substances, it may provoke hallucinations.
It comes from Sri Lanka.
The essential oil is steam-distilled from the seeds.
It has a sweet, warm, and spicy aroma.

Quantity: 8 ml
Origin: Sri Lanka


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Useful to fight vomiting and nausea. If massaged, it alleviates arthritis, muscle aches, gout, rheumatisms, and promotes blood circulation.

Suggested uses:

  • Home diffuser: add between 1 and 2 drops to 100 ml of water. We suggest to use it together with other essential oils.
    Bathtub: emulsify 5-7 drops of essential oil with coarse salt — or alternatively milk, cream, or honey — to add to the hot water (so that the oil doesn’t evaporate due to the heat)
  • Massages: we recommend to dilute 1-2 drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of carrier oil
  • Cosmetics: 1% in creams, lotions or perfumes
  • Food: we recommend 1 drop per 300-400 gr of food, to add after cooking (we suggest to always start with the lower dose and then increase it later, if preferred).
    This essential oil is perfect for the preparation of some cocktails

Caution: always use with moderation. Do not use in case of chronic diseases, pregnancy, or when breastfeeding.
If in doubt, please consult your doctor/naturopath.